Website Design

There is so much to a successful website, why?
It's not just making a website rather you have to make sure to drive clients to your website!
Content is king... NOT anymore!
You have to have good content, obviously, however you need to incorporate many other things into your website for success!
It's more than SEO too!
So many say they can get on the front page of Google with SEO... not true!
All you have to do is use social media... NOT!
Never build your web business on someone else's platform like FaceBook or the like!

This is quick list of things
a good website NEEDS!

  • Scientifically keywords that will guarantee you qualified traffic
  • Competition analysis done before you even start. You have to know what the others are doing so you DON’T do what they are doing.
  • Modern and easy to use navigation
  • Relevant content
  • Podcasting
  • Social media
  • Offsite and onsite blog
  • Links page

… and there is more so go visit my other website httpss://

Most of the free website building software can in fact build you a website. However it is merely an online brochure as you will have not traffic coming to you except what you send it directly. Making a successful website has many key and important parts that MUST work together. Unless you understand those parts you or your average webmaster will have little to no chance of having a successful website.

Scientifically found keywords consist of several things:

  • They must be searched at least 50 times a day if possible.
  • Low competition so you have a chance in time to rank for that keyword.
  • Acceptable optimized competition so again you can rank for that keyword.

Never… Never… Never do this. It might work for a while and then they change the rules. This has happened with both Facebook and YouTube. It cost many people to have no traffic at all and thus lost revenue. Only you control your own website! If you are going to spend the time and money to get web traffic then make it under your control not others.

A competition matrix is a tool to go look at your competition to see what they are doing, what technology they are using, and the keywords. For example if you look at 10 websites in your business interest, see which ones use blogs or video on the website. There are about 10 things you need to look at. Here is a link to one of my blog posts that talk about this…httpss://

Absolutely!!! Both onsite and offsite blogs are paramount for you to get ranking with Google. Why? Google is in the business of providing fresh content for its users to see… that can come from your blogs! By using those scientifically found keywords you stand a real good chance of having Google pick your content up!

Again not so! You need to have a real web strategy to get Google to offer your content. You must use social media that is appropriate for your business, podcasting served from YouTube, and other places that allpoint back to your website.

Just about everything. If you can get a URL that contains one of your scientifically found keywords then you are at the top of the list to get traffic from Google.

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