Vending Machines

Multimax Vending at a show
Nice to see your inventions get out there!
The Multimax total line
Anton worked on the coffee add on himself.
Multimax ready for deployment

Anton and I met with “Frank” of the vending machine company who told us about him trying to make a cassette driving vending machine. He wanted a cassette that would break apart for cleaning and can then be re assembled in a factory with the snack load that a client wants. Then transport the cassette to its host vending machine location and take out the old cassette and put in the new cassette. 

Just like bottled water a stop would last as little as 3 minutes, then off to the next location. This would revolutionize the vending industry which takes 1 hour per machine to clean, check, get the money, and restock it! In and out would let you have many more places a route driver could manage in a shift. This then equates to profit.

Frank had a round version, but Anton said we need a rectangular one to maximize packing density. So, we designed the current version you see in the Multimax vending company. I did all the electronics, Steve Hunter did the programming of the machine, and later I did the stand-alone programming for the warehouse packing location. 

Once the design was done I went to China to get the production going, that is mostly in the electronics. We have 40 thousand plus units in the USA at this time…The rest they say is history.

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