In 2004 I got the chance to work with LTC Shusko USMC as he was the head of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program at Quantico. I had done one of the martial arts DVD approaches to the USMC Tan and Grey belt levels. I sent it to the SGT Major of the Marines at Quantico. Well, needless to say that got some real attention but after we worked out that I was offering my help, Col Shusko came out to meet me at my home in Anaheim Hills, CA.

We had a great time talking about the future and we agreed that I would help him build the teaching materials for all 180,000 US Marines at that time. A month later 15 Marines showed up at my house and we worked on the project for the next 3 months. It ended in a superb CD ROM based learning system that was sent out to all the commands. I personally got to deliver the CD ROM sets to the training command in San Diego, Camp Pendleton, USMC Miramar, and 29 Palms. At each place they gave me a letter of introduction and a Marine to help me navigate the base. It was such an honor to be part of that program and to know I have touched; and still do, all the marines in the Corps.

Specifically, I filmed all the 123 techniques, they gave me a COMO person that I taught how to rough cut the video from 7 camera angles, and Capt. Wynn (COMO) worked closely with me for many weeks. I did all the art work for the box covers, CD ROM labels, background music, and flash programing. The CD ROMs are totally interactive, so the instructors can make sure they are “all on the same page”. The Colonel came out for the final approval and he loved them.

I also helped their group back in Quantico to get into CD ROM production but while they spun up I did all the CD ROMs for the area’s I mentioned above… all FREE. It was my honor to serve our great military again, even though I’m an US Army guy, they helped me get of that haha. We all became great friends and later I converted the flash videos, so they could be streamed to the fleet or anywhere in the world.

I also meet and visited the Raider Museum in Richmond VA, as I meet the person in charge via the Marines flew me back to Quantico for the Raider Hall Marine Corps Center of Excellence for their dedication. I also got a chance to visit the Marines Video Archive and got clips to use to make two documentaries. The Raider Museum and the LVT Museum at Camp Pendleton which is in this section. Finally, Col Shusko made me a Subject Matter Expert for MCMAP and that was such an honor that I enjoy to this day. I hope you Enjoy this section.

My US Marine Corps SME award from Ltc Shusko the head of the MACE at Quantico.

A video shot via base publications as I delivered the MCMAP interactive training CD ROM’s.

This is the US Marine Raider Museum documentary I shot and produced for the Museum.

This is the LVT Museum documentary that I shot and produced. For a time the LVT school house was using it for part of their history training.

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