Resume (2018)

Peter Carl Brusso
73851 E. Palm Ave
Mecca, Ca. 92254


VP, COO, CEO, CTO, Deputy Program Manager, Production Manager, Lead Systems Engineer, Lead Engineer, Senior Engineer, Business Development, VP Marketing, Consultant, and Principal.

Non-active: DOD Secret, Top Secret SCI (Level 4)…
Non-active: DOE “Q” with sigma’s…

BSEE: California State University at Sacramento (CSUS), Degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering completed 1979. (Major studies in Pre-Med., and Biomedical Engineering.
Ph.D. Martial Arts Science
Minister Clergy 2004
Currently in a master’s program for Business Communication (internet-based learning).

I invented the current NBA and baseball advertising machines that are used in the USA. I also was a co-inventor on a new form of vending machine, which is now being used in America. I also have a new self-defense tool that is being moved out across the world and is being used by parts of the US military. The patents follow…

Number      Patent No.   Title

1                 6,644,495    Processing method for vending machine with substitutable magazines  

2                 6,330,958    Compact Table-top vending machine

3                 5,953,840    Banner display device

4                 5,717,424    Banner display device

5                 5,410,330    Scroll displaying device

6                 5.233,771    Selective banner-display device          

7                  7447605       System and method for calibrating a vending apparatus


Working Knowledge of: HTML, Java programming, Pearl, DHTML, Go Live, client side server software, Java Script, Bryce and interface applications.

Medium level expertise: database’s (SQL and Access), Basic, Visual.

Expert in: MS Project, WordPress, Sony’s Vegas Video 8, Sony’s Sound Forge 8, Sony’s DVD maker, Screen Blast Acid Music, Flash programming, Director 8, MS Project, Excel, Photoshop, Lingo, Camtasia, Flash Action Script, Publisher, WordPress, Elementor, and MS Word.

Served in the US Army with an honorable discharge 1974.

Disabled American Veteran

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Currently working on the Internet, developing products, marketing, websites, podcasts, making videos for clients to use both on and off the web; and business development for many customers. This involves taking a product or business, which are sometimes very depressed economically, and turning them around to be profitable. In some cases, I even saved the business from closing! Case in point, I recently took a computer repair store from making only $1,500 per month in sales to $11,500 in sales in just 20 days. They have been doing great with the business systems I put into place and the web presence I developed for them as well. I continue to help a wide variety of clients both on and off the web for their business sales and marketing.

Also, I helped a Canadian client who had a website for over 10 years and didn’t make a dime off the web: worked with them for 6 weeks and their first year earnings from their website was $186,000 dollars USD! In three years they went to $720,000 USD per year.

Originally, I was helping to head up the design team, made an integrated master schedule and systems engineering. I was also noting and tracking all action items, company wide, and facilitated a once a week status meeting on those action items. I also got involved as the QA/QC manager, and as such, designed all the QA/QC procedures for the company. I ultimately hired individuals to take over those functions. I also developed the environmental testing procedures and qualified the vendors for that phase of the program.

Ultimately, I was promoted to the number 3 guy, working directly for the CTO, in the company and was made the deputy program manager. As such I had P&L responsibility, all engineering, software, production, mantec, and the physics department, all reporting to me. I did all the program financials, signed all PO’s and meet daily with our CFO tracking expenditure, forecasting expenditures and managing vendor relationships. I was also involved with day-to-day operations, staffing, and structured up the production flow, quality, and deliveries. I coordinated all aspects of the electronics builds, trouble shooting, down to the board level, when necessary.

We had a noise issue on the boards and I was the only one with the experience of EMI/EMC from my radar days. I also assisted in qualifying the electronic vendors for the 5 electronic boards for the system.

I was also responsible for the morale and team cohesiveness during this very stressful program. I also instituted many procedures to assure that we had a healthy, functional team and that everyone understood what the others were doing. I had daily stand up meetings that would assure good communication flow. Finally, I was given the responsibility for FAIT (Final Assembly Integration and Test) for the project.

I have been working in multimedia consulting projects and new media projects.  Specifically, I have be making podcasts, both audio and video for clients who want to “rise above the noise”.  I have also been doing streaming media for the web, SEO website analysis, and programming websites for clients.

I was hired to head up the Affordable Weapons program as the Deputy Program Manager. As such, I assisted in all phases of the program from technical, systems engineering, workflow, and preparing the company for a PDR. I moved through the company and made sure the team was doing well, had what they needed to hit the schedule, and integrated the program needs into the engineers. We successfully moved the company into a position, which the government now is deciding on funding the rest of the program. Also, I helped with their EMI/EMC plus some RFID work on missile part tracking in production. The parts would be tagged, then moved from one station to the next. Tracking and info was performed by the RFID tag use.

I was hired to assist the C5I (command, control, communications, computers, collaboration, and Intelligence) group for the Xcraft (Sea Fighter FSF-1) project. As such, I developed the overall C5I diagrams, interconnect documents, and put together an integrated excel document that tracked: the system, the components, purchasing orders, wiring layouts, system level connectivity, and definitions for the C5I project. In addition, it also has an integrated schedule within the document.

I also spent eight weeks on the builder’s site assisting in several key build issues: working closely with the Navy personnel, as well as, the builder.  I also hosted a security overview group to the Xcraft, since this is a new type of Naval vessel; it has some very different security concerns. 

Once the Xcraft was built, I headed up the security engineering effort to produce the System Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA) document necessary to support an IATO effort. Having worked in this area before my employment at Titan, it was a natural for me to head up this effort. After much effort, I awarded a contract to a subcontractor to assist in this area.  I managed the subcontract and worked hand-in-hand with their technical team to produce the SSAA for Sea Fighter.  We delivered on time and under budget!  In the SSAA effort, the responsibility of the onboard systems discovery was my primary role.  This investigation of the onboard systems covered the following: Sperry Integrated Bridge Systems, ICAS, MTU, Scientific Payload, NavAir lighting system, ForceNet, ViStar System, MMIS, and GCCS: just to name the big ones.  All systems need to be documented and an overall connectivity diagrams developed for security analysis.  I identified the primary security issues with each system; which gave us a head start on how to handle the issues for the SSAA effort. I also worked closely with most of the key ship’s personnel, the CO, XO, and Commo to assist in the creation of the SSAA.

Once this effort was complete, I went to work for a brief time on the affordable weapon system (AW) at Titan.  In this effort, I was heading up the shipboard integration testing for the AW, particularly with the Sea Fighter, LPD-17 (The San Antonio), and the SDTS (Self Defense Test Ship).  I started to Id all the necessary systems and support for a demonstration of the AW.  This effort was stopped do to a re-organization of the program from the customer.  My consulting effort was not needed until they reorganize.  I created an integrated excel document off all the necessary engineering systems, diagrams, shipboard information, contact numbers, to help the program during their reorganization. If needed, or asked, I would go back to work with this group of engineers and scientists, as they are a great talent to help support or lead efforts. is a company I formed because of the fall of the Internet: it has been my bread and butter for years.  At the later part of the previous entrepreneur adventure (iCityOnline.Com), I got excited with the small CD ROM media and its possible applications.  We had used this media to attract investors to my web play, iCityOnline.Com, and I felt that the uses for this media were bounded only by one’s imagination!  If you have something to sell or tell, this is a great media to carry your message out to your potential clients.

I explored various business models for this media, which included baby announcements; all the way to the marketing for a billion-dollar company (Club Corp).  These business markets are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, and as such, I had to develop a new look and feel for each product.  Ultimately, this led me into long distance learning and production of DVD’s.

Infocard assists companies in making effective marketing materials and campaigns (sell or tell). I put these materials on interactive CD ROMs or long-distance learning DVDs.  I create all the media, interviews, and consult to discover the “gold” for each company.  I perform all the videography, post processing, graphics design, branding, and audio engineering; which are then moved into the marketing materials.

The largest company I assisted was the United States Marine Corps (USMC): where I produce all the training CD ROMs for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) and where I’m now a subject matter expert. In particular, I designed the interactivity of the CDs, the videography techniques, the presentation functionality, and the final look/touch/feel of the product.  In addition, I wrote and produced all the background music used in this 13 CD ROM set, which has been distributed to a large portion of the Marine Corp, to date.


Another one of my clients is Club Corp, which is a billion-dollar company based in Texas.  I developed a business card size CD ROM for one of their top clubs; The City Club on Bunker Hill.  This CD ROM is their primary tool for marketing/communication about the club and its many features. I used Flash primarily to extend the playability time of this CD ROM.  It was a big hit with the company and with its members. Working closely with the General Manager, Staff, and Members, I identified the exact marketing elements, which were successfully at play in the club.  Capturing the essence of the club and putting it on a marketing media was paramount to the success of the CD ROM.


One of the major breakthroughs that I have had in this area was the interview process for the CD ROMs. This technology is now used in most of the CD’s I produce for my clients. Based on that fact that people buy with emotion, backed up by logic; I produce an interview process which is the emotion, coupled with clickable sections in the CD that make up the logic part of the buying equation.


Finally, I recently assisted one of my marketing clients in a “sensors suite design”, which they are now moving into production.  A marketing guy and an engineer in the same body is a rare person, to say the least; and as such it gives me a unique look on the world. Having invented the NBA advertising machines; which are down of the floors of basketball arenas: was the genesis of my marketing career. As the co-inventor, it was my responsibility to market the machines!  Thus, you can see, as an engineer, I have not only invented items, but I learned how to market them too.  That skill-set spans a broad spectrum of capabilities, and as such, this has led me into new realms of business.

iCityOnline.Com was an aggressive web portal that looked to franchise the Internet and make the Internet relevant with local content.

Having successfully recruited the founder of 1-800-flowers (I take that as a good thing), I moved from acting CEO and President to COO, and acting CTO of 

As the COO, I hired a group of planners and set forth planning the roll-out plan for iCity in detail.  Working with scheduling software allowed us to make a believable roll-out schedule that went into the investment package. I also formed strategic relationships with several key Internet plus brick & mortar companies. From a systems stand point, I handled the technical definitions, software requirements, planning, requirements documents, supply chain analysis, vendor identification, and product definition for


Ultimately, iCityOnline.Com was awarded a 1.2 million-dollar contract to connect this company with a major healthcare company via our local portals. This was successfully completed.


I have been a key person working on the business plan, with input plus responsibility in our P&L, executive summary, and the funding effort. I made trips overseas that took me through Asia, India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Muscat, and Dubai; concentrating on e-commerce, Internet technology, plus Internet direction according to the emerging markets. My duties included: marketing, technical aspects of our web sites, software QA/QC, software interface, and client interface. I was responsible for all revenue stream identification and acquisition. As the COO, I worked with every part of our business from client acquisition to QA/QC. Our start up company had 25 employees reporting directly to me. I lead all the marketing efforts, strategic relationships, legal requirements, sales, web design, software design, software QA/QC, web development, and new web business (e-commerce (B2B, B2C, B2G, P2P)).


My business experience in the Internet (technical and business), McDonnell Douglas Technologies Inc. (technical, business, and systems level work), and EESTI Engineering (startup, inventing, business, systems, and technical), has led me to a unique career. I have all the classical business development skills and experience; in addition, I have the cyberspace business experience for the last 15 years. I have developed web sites from scratch; as well as, having moved million-dollar companies successful into the web. I have good communication, presentation, and negotiation skills with all aspects of business. I have worked with attorneys in license agreements, private placement agreements, incorporation, patents, and other legal agreements

Responsible for setting up and operating a manufacturing business. If you watch basketball or baseball and notice the signs on the court side (they move advertisements, those are mine… I co-invented those machines!!)  Duties include operations of the day-to-day business and product quality assurance/control. Specific duties are in systems integration of the mechanical and electrical systems of advertising signage, software specifications, software control, software QA/QC, and electronic subsystem design (digital & analog).


I was responsible for the marketing and advertising of the product. I led us into strategic relationships (joint ventures) and worked with several large name accounts: The Gap, Levis, Old Navy, and MacDonnell’s, just to name a few. I was responsible for customer interface, logistics of the product, leading the service acquisition, and to overall product quality. This quality included mechanical, electrical, and software quality. I also designed the web site and moved advanced sales techniques through the web. I worked all aspects of client contact, marketing and communications. New product growth and new product control were primary functions. I was responsible for our profit and loss structure for pricing plus operations. I negotiated all contracts with clients and joint venture partners. In addition, I was responsible for business management, human factors, human interface to our product, customer interfacing, and product development (electronic). Electronic design and fabrication including Software control features, software management, software configuration, QA/QC, configuration control, and production scheduling.

Responsible for signage design: electrical and systems level. Setup: customer interface procedures, purchasing, QA/QC procedures, systems requirements, systems definition, delivery schedule, and product field service & training. GEMAA was a small business with 2.3 million in sales and between 20 to 50 employees. I also designed new signage machines and technology for future projects…R&D. Traveled extensively to train the customer’s personnel and to monitor the upgrade of the units.

Conceived and wrote a computer code to predict acoustic levels and intelligibility of speech for submarines and surface ships. This code was designed to optimize speaker placement, speaker size, and listener speech intelligibility. The code was purchased by NOSC and is currently being altered for surface ship analysis. Technical writing for the above program documentation and users guide was also a deliverable I provided.

McDonnell Douglas Technologies Inc., Former Alcoa Defense Systems and Global Analytics: 1) Manager of Advanced Concepts: Designed unique systems using advanced signature reduction techniques. Most of the systems were centered on Special Operations Forces. 2) Sr. Systems Engineer assisting the VP of programs to structure the IRAD effort from both the financial tracking/reporting to giving technical leadership to the IRAD investigators.  3) New Business Development: Headed up several new business program efforts: Major responsibilities included marketing the new program, customer interfacing, systems definition, and technically leading the effort until home team was in place.   4) Manager of materials measurement laboratory: Responsible for all RF system upgrades, measurement QC on absorbers (Permittivity and Permeability), and designing new measurement systems. Utilized many of the materials in RFI/Tempest enclosures. Helped design Tempest fixtures, etc. The duties of this laboratory required developing schedules, updating, and maintaining aggressive construction development of the new and existing test fixtures.

General Dynamics: Performed RCS measurements on the outdoor range. Designed and tested a low RCS antenna. Lead engineer on the design of a RAM/RAS measurement facility, designed special test fixtures for the measurement of traveling wave performance absorbers, radar range upgrade and design analysis, and general support of programs.

1) Worked in technical security.  2) Lead engineer on a large-scale laser isotope separation project. Duties included hardware instrumentation design and systems configuration, power supply operation (100 MW) and upgrade, supervision of EE technicians, fabrication technicians and drafting personnel.  3) Lead engineer working in plutonium physics. Specific duties included responsibility for all instrumentation and measurements on the special isotope separation experimental facility.  4) Worked in smart switch telecommunications systems like Dimension 2000 and other comparable telephony technology systems. This work included top down systems layouts all the way to hardware and software design/function. Extensive use of RFID technology coupled with another companion technology.

The Boeing Company: Major assignments were in RCS, multipath solutions, testing dielectric panels for possible use as radar absorber materials, and operating the radar range.

National Science Foundation: Wrote and won a grant to work on a student project to design a microprocessor-based energy meter for powered wheelchairs (Biotech). Later I found out that the USAF used our device to monitor the battery health in missile silos!

Upgraded blood cell counting device…coulter counter. This was performed for Sacramento State Health Services and the bio-engineering lab.

Software: See software list above.

Worldly: Private Pilot (single engine land), Scuba Diver (master diver), Master Martial Artist, SME for the US Marine Corps, and 120 Ton watercraft Skippers license.

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