I didn’t ever know that I was born an engineer but I was. It took me a long time to finally get there but by God’s help I did. 

When I started college I had to start back at all the basics because I didn’t really apply myself in High School (stupid!). However, that turned out to be a good thing. I was a pre-med pre-dent student with lots of biology classes, etc., but I realized some things that would not allow me to get into med school or dent school. I liked math, a lot, so wanted to get into a bio-math degree program. At that time, there was only two schools who offered those degree and they were in Southern California. Now being from Northern California, who the hell would want to go down there! So, I landed in a biomedical program at Sacramento State. Now, since I had so much biology classes they said go straight EE. So I ended up with a BSEE with a major in fields and waves.

I was hired by Boeing to do some real cool EMP hardening in the pacific but when I got to Boeing I found out I was highjacked by the Radar Cross Section group (RCS). Well, this did in fact serve me well in the long run.

My wife at the time hated the weather in Seattle so I got a job and Lawrence Livermore Labs, a very prestigious place and worked first in technical security and then in laser land. 

I left the Livermore area to take another aerospace job, RCS with General Dynamics. I worked in RCS until being laid off in 1990.

Once laid off I did some golfing programs, the mental side of the game, and went out to make some money. I did end up working with the scrolling signs and build a company around that. I did hire my old boss VP Anton Simpson to head the company. I worked with Anton for almost 25 years as my boss and mentor which was one of the best things that ever happened to me!

More later….