Home This is a short video on the defender self defense weapons I developed for personal self defense. Welcome to I don’t mean to be bragging here only telling my story and all the things I have accomplished. It’s an overall try with being as honest as an autobiography can be. I know that

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Entrepreneur I was born and Engineer! Overall skills: Electrical Engineer Engineering manager Master scheduler Program management Visionary Inventor Business development Concept development Integration management Team/program leader I was born an engineer and I never knew it. From my earliest days as a child, I always invented stuff, tried stuff, and was baffled why it didn’t

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Patents of Peter Brusso

Patents of Peter Brusso All of my patent’s have lapest but you can see I had them. Number      Patent No.   Title 1                 6,644,495    Processing method for vending machine with substitutable magazines 2                 6,330,958    Compact Table-top vending machine 3                 5,953,840    Banner display device 4                 5,717,424    Banner display device 5                 5,410,330    Scroll displaying device 6                 5.233,771   

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Engineering Adventures Boeing WorkI worked on the advanced air launch cruise missile working on the Radar Cross Section reduction.Laser Isotope Separation MachineThis is very similar to what I worked on except we did other radio active materials. Radar Materials Measurement LabI developed the lab, fixtures, texting protocol from -377 F to 2000 F. Test beds

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