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I was born in 1953 and like most in that era was totally blind to most things. However, up to the age of ten, I had great parents and friends. Shoot the friends have lasted a lifetime. My name is Peter Brusso and I grew up in Vallejo CA. 

One of my closest life friends is Michael Tastsides is still in my life and many can’t say that! Well, maybe he has bad taste but we have shared lots of life together.

My parents went through a bad divorce when I was around 10 years old. My mother stole me away from the family for almost 2 years. We lived in Sacramento, ca where I was in high school as their high school started in grade 7! I was in the cadet program and loved it. However, my mother was passed out drunk by 5 PM every day so learned to do a lot on my own. Not all bad I guess but that lead to me finding my grandparents and calling them and they came and got me! 

I do have a sister who is 7 years older than me and was out of my life for most of the time. We have reconnected as of late but it’s safe to say our family was very much estranged. 

I lived with my grandparents for most of my life until I went into the Army! The Army was my home and I loved it! 

After the Army, I went to college with a major of pre-med pre-dent. After two years I had a 3.8 GPA but that wasn’t good enough to get into med school. So I was very interested in bio-mathematics but since I was from northern California the only degrees offered at the time in bio math was in Southern CA; and who would want to live there! Haha, that is where I have been since 1982! So I went for biomedical engineering at Sacramento State, and since I had so much biology they said to go straight electrical engineering.

Well, my 2 years more degree went to 4 years plus. Politics I guess… no guess about it… haha but when I did graduate I went to work for Boeing up in Seattle. I was married to Liz at the time, went up there with my young daughter Jennifer, and the weather wasn’t to my wife’s liking. So I got a job at Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) which was a fantastic place to work; most of the time.

Some of the best parts were the friends I made and the martial arts club I took over there. They have been with me ever since. The art we ended up teaching formed into the art we now call “Anjing Banfa”. It lives on today!

Now I’m glossing over lots of interesting stories which I’ll come back to later as I fill out this website. Not used to writing about me, that is for sure.

After LLNL I moved to San Diego to work for General Dynamics, a technical security firm, and then for Global Analytics that became Alcoa Defense Systems then finally McDonnell Douglas Technologies where I did some very interesting work and was ultimately laid off. However, I meet one of my lifelong partners in my entrepreneurial life and that is Dr. Anton Simson.

Anton and I invented some new scrolling signage, a new vending machine that revolutionized the vending industry (or about to), some taser products, soda products, and much more. Anton is a great friend and a great mentor. I am in awe every day that I now use more of his philosophy now than ever before. Some people are such a blessing in your life and sometimes you don’t know it till much later downstream.

While in San Diego I married Valerie Higgins, the love of my life, and had a set of twin girls, now they are the love of my life! I am blessed by my children and even from time to time enjoy them.. haha. All kidding aside they are all super kids, each a fantastic joy in my life, and are all very successful in what they do! Each has its own fantastic story to tell which isn’t short of miracles for sure.

About growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, I found out that I got most of my values in life from a few TV shows and my grandparents. I have been watching on Hulu.com, the rifleman and with each episode, I know the answer and how? As a child, I learned from that show! Sad but true. That is one thing I think we lack in modern TV shows… no morals or ethics! Maybe more on that later!

After Val and I got divorced I purchased a martial arts Dojo in Anaheim Hills and met my third wife Susan. We were together for a whole bunch of years but that ended to so I moved out to the Coachella Valley where my brother Ruben had a real estate empire going. I lived with him for 3 months then found a place in a remote area of the Salton Sea where I live by myself in this wonderful place. Great fishing, lots of no-light polluted skies, a great place to train people and do night training.

My house is covered with weapons and I love it just the way it is… here is a video of my real life house:

It’s funny how the house got this way but here is the short story: When I moved out here I had all my weapons and training weapons in bags as I wasn’t allowed to have them in the house with my 3rd wife. Always outside in bins here and there. I couldn’t find a darn thing. So when I moved in the martial arts students helped me. One in particular Mattias, now Mattias sensei ask me what should he do with all the weapons. I said “put them on the walls any way you want or see as appropriate for a warrior. So Mattias Sensei started the trend out here that everyone loves and is fascinated with!

Recently I had a British person here to interview me and he was shocked about the weapons and went around the house and counted 22 knives on the walls… I think there is more but hey, what the heck… 

More to come!

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